Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Update on Ashden,

Hello all,

I just got off the phone with T. It was so wonderful to hear from them again and finally be able to chat instead of trying to catch up over texting. Ashden is doing great. He is eating well and growing up. :-) He is now at 11 lbs 10 oz and is 24 and 1/4 inches long. Haha. He has gotten so big! They seem so happy and it is wonderful to hear how everything is going with them and their family. We talked for a good hour and I know we both had plenty of questions for each other. It always seems to me that I have so many questions, yet when I finally get to talk to them I'm so excited that my mind almost goes completely blank! Haha, oops. I'll have to remember to start carrying a note pad around with me so when I think of a question I can ask them! It was so fun to hear about their plans over the holidays and it almost made me cry with how much they do care about me and want to know how I am doing. She told me that they read the books I got for him and always tell him that they were from "Your Birthmom Deanna". That makes my heart smile for sure. I think it's awesome that he'll get to know who I am from the beginning.

I went to the Free Pregnancy Testing Center in town yesterday to talk to Joy who helped me figure out what decision I was going to decide on. She was so happy that I had come forward and I'm willing to be available to them to talk to other girls going through unplanned pregnancies to help them understand all of their options. It was nice to talk to her and to be able to tell someone else about little Ashden and the wonderful couple I picked to be his parents. :-) I know I talked about them the whole hour I was there. She thought it was wonderful that I was so comfortable with the family and that I know that the decision I made was the right one. It's for sure that I don't have any regrets with this adoption and that makes me feel even happier.

I'm going to get back to packing and working a bit more on my project for Ashden...I'm so excited to get more of it done so I can show you all. :-)

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