Friday, December 11, 2009

Another update from the adoptive family...


First I would like to tell you all that I took a huge step in trying to help others out that go through an unplanned pregnancy. I contacted our free pregnancy testing center in town, where I went when I had a positive home test to confirm it, and I told them that I would be more then happy if they would contact me if there were any girls who were thinking about adoption and wanted to talk to anyone who has been through it. I told them I would be more then happy to talk about my experience and help them just understand the adoption side of things and the different levels of adoption from closed all the way to very open. I am going to talk to the center next week and maybe even fill out an application to do some work for them. My next goal is to check out Kansas State University's different groups/organizations and see if they have anything for women who have gone through adoption, abortion, miscarriages...anything like that so I can get involved in it. I know a lot of people don't think that a miscarriage can be similar to adoption or abortion but due to some experiences of my friends and comforting each other through our tough times I've noticed that there are so many similarities between them even though they are so different.

Ok on to the topic of my post...

I received this picture from T and then we procceded to have this conversation:

T: Heard it was negative 20 your way wind chill! So cold here too. B had a snow day yesterday, had a great day hanging out. Ashden is getting big they had a shower for us at school today, he got lots of goodies :) We love you! Keep Warm!!! Good luck on your finals! I bet you are looking forward to a break :) You'll do great.

Me: Thank you so much for the cute picture of Ashden. I'm so glad to hear you got lots of goodies at at your shower at school. :) It is cold and snowy here but Joe loves it. I have one final left now tomorrow morning and then its time for a break that cant come soon enough. Haha. How does Ashden like the cold?

T: Glad you are good :) Ashden doesn't like wearing his hat at all but he doesn't mind his warm reindeer suit. When it was warmer we did a stroller ride and he loved it but now with it really cold B dropped us off at the door to the places we went yesterday :) It was so windy too!

Me: Haha to bad he hates his hats he looks so cute in them! That was sweet of B to drop you off at the front door to all the places you went yesterday. Is Ashden sleeping through the night better? Have you had your family and friends baby shower?

T: He is sleeping at night better :) we are having another shower in January :) The grandparents both got him lots of stuff too :) We have been reading the books you got him and he knows they're from you :) Oh yes, and Ashden LOVES the Christmas tree lights I keep joking that I'll have to leave the trees up year round :)

Me: Awwww...Thank you so much! :) That made me very happy. I'm so glad he is sleeping through the night better. I'm sure he is ganna get so much at the next shower. I'm so happy you are all doing so well. Thanks again for keeping in such good contact with me. I love hearing from you! Maybe you can put the lights around his crib that would keep him entertained for hours. :)

T: Good idea :) We think of you often, have a wonderful night and good luck on that last final and then you get your break!!!! Enjoy it! I'll let you know how much he weighs after his appt next week! I'm anxious to know! Take care :)

Me: You have a wonderful night too. I can't wait to hear his updated weight too! I don't want to over step any boundries either but just know I would be happy with another call sometime when you can and if you want. :)

T: Thanks you're fine :) I was planning on giving you a call with the dr checkup next week, it will be fun to chat and catch up!!!!!!!! :) :)

Hehe, that made me so happy! So next Tuesday I'll get to hear about his updated weight! Yippy!

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Deanna! I just noticed that you follow my adoption blog! I hope you don't mind if I link to your blog under my "birthmother" section. I truly admire you and your decision, and hopefully you can help many people going through a similar experience! If you don't want your link just leave me a comment at and I'll remove you from my list!