Thursday, December 17, 2009

Getting to know the family...

Hello All,

Well I just had to do another update...I was trying not to update to much but I had to share this. I ended up getting my sons parents e-mail address on Tuesday night during our wonderful call. I had told them about my blog and I wanted to share it with them! They checked it out and both thought it was really neat. I'm so happy to hear that from them!

They met with their adoption worker yesterday and received the gifts that my Mom, Sister and I had sent them. So they ended up e-mailing me! It brought tears to my eyes but they were tears of joy!

Here is the first part of their e-mail:

Dearest Deanna, Joe and family :)
Hello!! We hope you are good and everyone is having a great day. We just had our visit with Jamie and got the lovely things you sent, oh my. I cried enough happy tears reading the wonderful words from you and your family. You are all so special to us, you can't imagine! Ashden already listened to the book you recorded for him, its so neat and we loved hearing your voice. B held him and he sat up and looked at all the pictures and listened to the words. B said to him, "you've heard that voice before" and he was listening so intent. What a treasure! He is also wearing the reindeer outfit you got him today for Jamie's visit. :)

This made me cry! "you've heard that voice before"...yeah I was a puddle. It was just so sweet of them to share that with me. T told me that when she reads any of the books I bought for Ashden that she always tells him that they are from me. I am so blessed to have this wonderful family who cares enough about me and Ashden to make sure we both know about each other. :-)

The Christmas books will be so much fun to read together. He is really liking books now since he is more alert and awake. I have always loved Christmas books as a child and even to this day and now we can start the tradition with him. The knitted hat from your grandma is adorable and he's already modeled it :) He loved the Jittery pal from Sarah and the awesome bright colors. Your family Christmas pictures turned out so nice. We actually are doing Ashden's birth announcement as our Christmas picture this year, you are getting one of those when you get the goodies we sent with Jamie. She may be in town next week so you'll either get them or she will mail them so you get them. I hope you like them :) It was really good to hear from your family too and the little Christmas card for Ashden too. I have their birth announcement of Ashden sitting here to get in the mail as well. I wanted them to have one also, I just forgot to send it with Jamie. We have really enjoyed getting to know your family as well through this process. I also gave a birth announcement to Jamie and one for Carisa. There are so many people that love this little boy and that's awesome. I always tell him about his birth grandma, birth grandpa, birth aunt, uncle.....and of course, you :) He knows a zillion people love him!

I can NOT wait to get the birth announcement from them for Ashden. It will be so much fun to see what they put together. T is so great at crafts and such...she is a neat woman and I know she is going to be a wonderful Mother!

Your blog was fun to read, I'm glad that it will also be helpful to others and it is also helpful for us to read too, in addition to our chats. You also can give yourself more credit because I like to think of a birthmom's decision, not as giving up a child, but forming a plan for their bright future, and you were so brave to do that. :) :) I also started checking out the open adoption site you sent, there is a lot there, wow they have really put a cool site together.
Thank you for sharing that, it will be good to read. Thank you again for thinking of us and it was so fun to read everything you wrote in your letters and card.
We love you tons!
B, T, Ashden, Charisma, Jake, and Bailey

I love this! "I like to think of a birthmom's decision, not as giving up a child, but forming a plan for their bright future". It really is so true! I knew that I was not going to be able to give my baby boy everything that I knew he should have from the VERY beginning of his life. I did a very unselfish thing to give him away and I don't regret it at all. :-) He is with such a wonderful Mom and Dad and they love him so much.

Ok, I have to share this beacuse it cracked me up...and not in a bad way, really in a "I knew I chose them for a reason", kinda way. I hope that makes sense...anyways. So she was telling me about his day care next year when she heads back to work. This is what she says..."Well I go back to work on the 4th, but Brian is then taking a week off, and then he'll start going to the day care." Haha, isn't that wonderful?!?! I the whole time I was trying not to cry happy tears and I was trying to not laugh too loud because it was just perfect. They are first time parents, and they really act like it. Well I hope none of that sounds bad because I'm smiling so big and glowing so much right now!

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Brandon Aimee said...

Hi Deanna! How brave you are to open up and share your stories. I just HAD to take a moment to say a big Thank you for being so unselfish and posing these. My wife and I were chosen by a Birthmom and we are right in the middle of the process... and you story boosts our confidence that our open adoption plan... And really... Life choice .... Is the right way to go.

You have given our spirits a HUGE boost ... And oh my gosh... Ashden's pictures really steal the show!

Wishing the best,