Monday, February 8, 2010

Still waiting for the pictures! I'm so excited!

Hello All,

It's a lovely, cold Monday that I woke up late so I missed my first class this morning...but I am not going to let that bring me down...I will be getting my 3 month pictures of Ashden this week! I recieved a text message from T on Saturday night with the picture at the bottom of the post! I can't believe how big Ashden has gotten! He will be 4 months on Wednesday! I can't even believe it.

I did want to add something really quick about my Birthmother's Day vs. Mother's Day blog...I don't know if I made it clear but I do believe that Birthmom's should celebrate Birthmother's Day together, to support and share and help heal. But Mother's Day is still a day that I want to celebrate, even if it's by myself, because I am a Mother and not just partially a mother! I gave birth to my little boy and I had to make a difficult choice to give him a BIGGER and BETTER life then I EVER could give him right now! I wanted him to have a mother and a father...and even if there were huge parts of me that wanted to keep him and be selfish because it would be EASIER for me to keep him I gave HIM a better life. I am a Mother because I put my son BEFORE myself and I would never want him to have anything LESS! That is true love and that is one way to be an AWESOME MOTHER!

Enjoy the picture...

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Rebekah said...

Oh my gosh - SO cute! Couldn't you just eat up those kissable cheeks? I'm a sucker for babies with cute cheeks...

I'm so glad today was a bright day in your journey!