Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Few Updates...

Hello All,

Well I got my package from T and B last Thursday with the first round of pictures and a wonderful letter updating me on how everyone is doing. Ashden has his 4 month check up on Friday so I can't wait to hear how that goes and figure out how much he has grown! He has been a happy baby. His parents said that he really enjoys laughing and making a lot of noises. I'm sure his laugh is adorable! It just feels like more than 4 months has passed...maybe it is just the fact that I want the time to go by faster so that the time I get to see T, B and little Ashden gets here faster! I wanted to share a few pictures with you all from the packet they sent...

The first picture was taken in December at T's family Christmas. I love it because he looks like a marshmello! T said that Ashden loves bath time and this picture was just sooooo cute I had to share it with you! The last picture was the sweetest...they put all of the things that I had gotten for Ashden around him and took a picture, they called me Tummy Mom! It's funny because my Mom and I had been talking about it and we both thought that would be a good way for him to know me, just so sweet. There are so many other pictures but I just wanted to share a few since I know a lot of pictures do sometimes make things slower to load.

I also had a package sent to them for Valentine's Day. I wanted to give them all a little something so I bought these Tea Light candle holders with some yummy smelling candles, some chocolate Kisses in a little bag that says "puppy love", I bought Ashden and outfit that says "Tough Like Daddy" and a little card.

I hope you all enjoyed the update. I'll be sure to update in a few days on my cross stitching prject since I did have a chance to work on it a little bit!
Love Deanna

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Rebekah said...

My gosh is he cute!! Love the Valentines basket; very thoughtful.