Monday, February 22, 2010

Figuring out my Future...

Hello All,

I got to talk with T yesterday on the phone. Poor Ashden has a cold but she said that he is getting better. I hope he gets better soon! We had a nice hour long conversation just talking and catching up! Every time I talk or hear from them it just reminds me of why I picked them and how I'm so glad that we are developing a friendship!

So onto the title of my blog...I'm just at a frustrated stage in my life. I have been thinking pretty hard about being a K-9 Cop. Just recently my friend has told me about this camp, Philmont, which is a Boy Scout camp. Well there is a whole section for ranching and basically you work with about 350 head of horses and you ride them, brand them, herd them, and so on and so forth. Part of your job is taking boy scouts who are there on trail rides when they want to go. So the more we talk about it, which I'm applying to get a summer position there, it reminds me of just how excited I get when it comes to horses and ranching. So would a K-9 Cop be the right job for me? Or should I look into working for a horse ranch or something in that area? I don't know. I guess it's a good thing that I have another 3 semesters left (if I do get hired on at Philmont it will postpone my graduation on more semester). Maybe if they do hire me on this summer and I go out there I can see just how much I would enjoy it or not and then go from there...

Well that's all I really had to say, I've been busy busy busy with school and I just had so many thoughts going on in my head so I wanted to get them out really quick.

Thanks for listening! (or should I say reading?!?!)


Rebekah said...

I smiled reading about your phone conversation with T. I feel some of the same things (on the other side) when I talk to Rebekah. I'm so glad she is in my life - I value her friendship so much!

About the K-9 deal...Go with your gut! The summer internship thing sounds like a good way for you to test the waters.

It's so hard trying to figure out what to do with the rest of your life. I'm still trying to figure it out for me, too!!! :)

lindsay smith said...


I came accross your blog from the Christian Adoption Services blog. We brought our precious baby girl home almost 2 years ago through CAS and are so incredibly blessed to have an open relationship with our daughter's birthparents. They will forever be heros in my heart!

Thank you for being so honest with your feelings as a birthmom. It is such a privilage for me to have your perspective on adoption. It helps me understand the process you go through because it's so different than the process we, as adoptive parents go through. We all face different challenges but our common demoninator is these sweet children.

I will keep you in my prayers. I'm so proud of you and my daughter's birthmom for persuing your dreams and for striving to be the best you can be... you are showing through your actions just how much you love these precious babies and they will always know how much you love them!

Thanks again for being an encouragement to so many!


(PS... we just recently moved to Kansas City and love it!

Robin said...

Hi Dee!

I finally sat down and read your blog. Thank you so much for sharing it with me!

I'm sorry to hear that Ashton has a cold! But I am so glad to hear that the communication lines are staying open with them! I haven't talked to you in a while and was wondering how that was going!

As far as the K-9 or ranching things go, you know that you will make the right decision! You are the kind of person that when faced with a decision you use your head as well as your heart. That's what makes you the wonderful person that you are! I think that coming out here will help you make that decision and when you make that choice you will know that you made the right choice! You are the type of person that will do what you know is right, no matter if it's right for you or someone else.

Remember that I went to school for drafting and look at me now, working on cell towers isn't even remotely close to what I thoght that I would be doing 10 years ago!

Well I am going to say good bye for now.

Love you!