Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Review of Sunshine...

Hello All,

So I really enjoyed that movie last night...well it was a film really. 1 hour long. I'm not the artistic type, so I don't really look into the meaning of different objects they decide to focus on. I did really enjoy it though. It was nice to hear how much Adoption has changed in about 30 years.

The film hit on many issues such as unexpected pregnancy between two individuals, single parents, adopted families, where birthfamilies fit into a childs life from their birthparents to their birthgrandparents, as well as the reason different people go different directions.

It was nice to see the film maker capture different aspects in her life and it was wonderful to hear that even though she didn't stay with her daughters father, he was (and still is) a huge part of their daughters life. They are both single parents but they are not single parents in the same way I had viewed single parents. For some reason, whenever I thought of single parent I also thought of someone who wasn't with their child's father/mother and was raising the kid all by themselves with no help from the father/mother. How weird is that?! I guess the fact that they had such a wonderful relationship with each other even with a child involved and not being together just threw me off. It is a weird concept to me since most individuals I know that have kids and are single do not have a good relationship at all with their children's mother/father. I mean none of them! They either don't say two words to each other when they have to pass the kids over for visitation and if they do they argue. It was refreshing to see a child be raised by a mother and a father even with them not being together.

It was also nice to see how fortunate I am to have had an unexpected pregnancy now and go through adoption. I like the fact that they have open adoptions now and that it is ok to share your experiences with others and not have to hide away somewhere and never let your feelings out. I think it's great that now we are able to choose what would be best for ourselves and our babies...if you want a closed adoption that is fine but it is also become normal to have an open one. :-)

Well now that I babbled a lot and probably didn't hit on much, I will repeat that this was a wonderful film from Independent Lens...I hope that it is available to more people to watch so others can check it out!

Have a great night!

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