Tuesday, June 8, 2010

First Visit...

Hello All,

Our first visit is coming up this Friday. I'm nervous yet so excited at the same time. My parents and Sister will be joining B, T and little Ashden. I'm nervous and I know things will go smoothly but you can't help but worry about that.

My biggest question is, what if he won't come to me and he doesn't want me to hold him?! Very nerve wracking.

I'll update more on Friday night after the visit and let you know how it went and what's been going on. I don't understand how people can update every day. I think it's awesome that you all can update your blogs daily but man my schedule just gets soooooo busy that if I do have an extra 10 minutes I want to use it to breath. LOL.

Take care!


Hillary (First Yr Wife) said...

Good luck with your visit! I bet it will be a wonderful, memorable visit for all of you. :)

Lavender Luz said...

Many wishes for a wonderful gathering.

Glad you are remembering to breathe! And thanks for reminding me.

Susan said...

You'll do awesome!

call me mama said...

Hope your visit was a good one- and that you're taking time to process. I know our little H's first mom never admitted to these worries 'till a year after we'd been meeting (at least to me). She was very sad that H "didn't 'love' her." It's hard for a baby not to love everyone! It took a while for his and her personalities to mesh- but things are great between them now that he's 3!
Anyway, hope you had a good visit!

Anonymous said...

How did your visit go?